Welcome Canadian Buyers!
CAL makes Canadian Importing simple and easy. CAL's staff has over 15 years of import and export experience, which is a key ingredient for making importing a car or truck into Canada a seamless and successful process. Our first step at CAL is to find you a vehicle that fits your needs and desires. Once we accomplish that together, CAL will handle the rest of the process. The staff at CAL will do all the leg work necessary to import your new vehicle properly and legally back into Canada. The entire import/export process takes three business days. The CAL staff will submit all the proper information to the US and Canadian Customs for this process. Our goal is to make everything hassle free for you, our Canadian customer. Click the link above, to get in direct contact with our Canadian vehicle import/export team. We look forward to serving you.
10828 W. Sunset Hwy
Airway Heights, Washington
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